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On the page under the link "Place project" fill in all the information marked with a star as required. In the description of the project, try as much as possible to outline the requirements and wishes for the design layout.

Also you can attach additional files with more detailed tasks, etc.

If you do not want the images of offers to be seen by other visitors to the resource, check "Do not show thumbnail previews of works for site visitors? - Yes". But in this case, visitors will not be able to evaluate the work!

Click the "Save" button:

Place a project

All! Your project has been added! Now it remains to wait for the suggestions of designers on your project, which will be notified to your e-mail.


On the project page you will see the works placed by the designers. If you decided that you liked the work of one of the designers, click the link "Buy this work" to link to the author, which leads to the page "Buying work of the designer":

Buying a designer's work

Since the resource has just started and is working in test mode - further purchase of layouts depends on Your communication with the author of the work.

On the page "Buying designer's work" enter the text of the message about the desire to get work and clarification from the terms of the purchase from the author. The message will be sent to him on the mail:

Buying a designer's work

This concludes the mission of the resource! Then everything depends on your communication with the designer!!

We wish you many suggestions for your project!