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Des-Tender.com – is a resource that enables everyone to order the development of a corporate identity, logo, advertising banner, эксклюзивного site design, product packaging, - and so on, on a competitive basis through a tender.

Here are the main advantages of the competition over the order on a preliminary deal with the contractor:

  • Usually, in order to do the design, the customer seeks the performer on all sorts of bulletin boards, remote work exchanges, and selects the designer mainly for the portfolio. Here the customer immediately announces what he wants, describes the wishes, appoints the desired budget, - and chooses the best offer from several applicants for his project.
  • For designers, especially those who are talented and yet there is no accumulated portfolio - the opportunity to offer their work within the competition and win it. And for those who have a permanent job - the possibility of additional earnings.

On how to open a design competition - see the instructions for the customer.

How to place work on the contest - see the instructions for the designer.